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Weight Management clinic 

Dr Dilan Ranasinghe has a  special interest in weight loss. he recently shifted his focus to address the growing problem of obesity in Australia, where 1 in 3 adults (33%) and 1 in 12 children (8.2%) are affected. His commitment to tackling this issue demonstrates his unwavering dedication to improving the health and well-being of individuals in his community. Dr. Dilan is a highly qualified professional with MBBS, DCH, and FRACGP credentials. His mission is to address overweight issues and actively contribute to obesity management by leveraging the latest medical knowledge and cutting-edge technologies.

How does it work?

 Dr Dilan's process begins with a meticulous assessment of each patient’s medical history and a thorough examination, complemented by advanced Fit3D body scanning for accurate body fat composition analysis.  He then proceeds with a tailored approach that includes weight loss medication, personalized diet plans, and specialized exercise regimens.

At SSMC, we have established a streamlined process to support you in achieving your obesity and health goals. As part of our comprehensive approach, you will gain access to the Valita phone app, seamlessly integrated with our system. This app empowers you to track your diet plans, monitor weight loss exercises, manage your diet effectively, and access educational materials to enhance your understanding of healthy living. Our dedicated team consists of experienced weight loss doctors, dieticians, exercise physiologists, and psychologists who work closely together to address any obstacles you may encounter during your weight loss journey. Rest assured, our weight loss medications and medical techniques are among the finest in Australia, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care. Take the first step towards overcoming obesity and book an appointment with Dr Dilan today. Let us join forces in the fight against obesity and work towards a healthier future together.


For targeted fat reduction, body shaping, and contouring, we employ the innovative fat-freezing technique known as Crylipolysis. 

Fit3D Body Scanner

The Fit3D state-of-the-art scanner employs three high-fidelity depth-sensing cameras and intuitive software to generate a graphical representation or avatar of your body, offering real-time body measurements and vital metrics. The vital metrics captured include body fat composition, body fat percentage, circumference measurements, body mass index (BMI), posture, and balance data. By utilizing this advanced body scanning technology, you can set accurate goals and monitor your progress effectively, gaining insight into your body shape objectives and tracking your overall weight loss journey


For Valid Medicare Card holders:
•    Initial Consultation (40 min) $250.00 Medicare rebate $118
$ 132.00 out-of-pocket fee.
•    Follow-up consultations Level C (20 min) $ 97. 00
Out-of-pocket fee $16.90
•    Follow-up Telehealth Consultations 91891 are $97 
$ 55.60 out-of-pocket fee.

For Private Patients:
•    Initial Consultation Level (40 min) $ 250
•    Follow-up consultations (20 min) are $ 97.00.
•    Follow-up Telehealth Consultations are $ 97.00.

Procedure and Scan Fees (No Medicare Rebates)
3D Body Composition Scan
•    3D Body Composition Scan: $ 55.00

Cryolipolysis (Fat-freezing)

1st Probe: $ 275.00

Additional Probe : $200

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