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Medicinal Cannibis

Who is Eligible? 

Access to plant based alternative therapy including medicinal cannabis is available in Australia under the Narcotics Drugs Act 1967.

To be eligible, each patient must be prescribed by a medical practitioner under an Authorised Prescriber or Special Access Scheme (SASb). Medicinal cannabis may be prescribed for any condition where the prescribing doctor determines there is a medical need.

Dr Anita has completed her advanced certificate in medicinal cannabis ( health cert ). Plant based medicine has emerging evidence in treating a wide range of chronic conditions which has not responded to conventional treatments . We are proud to be part of the Quest initiative trial that is conducted by Curtin University.

Please book an appointment with Dr Anita who will assess your eligibility in detail.

Consultations for Medicinal Cannibis

Consultations for Medicinal Cannibis are every Thursday afternoon from 2 pm onwards with Dr Anita.  She only sees adults age 18 and above .These consultations are not bulkbilled 
Initial consult ( 40 min ) - $ 160 ( Medicare rebate of $113 ) 
Subsequent consults ( 15 mins ) -  $85 ( Medicare rebate of $41.20 ) 

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